My “Ready to Pop” Baby Shower!

It’s been such a busy season for me that I couldn’t really find the time to share my personal BIG NEWS with you all officially. I’m expecting a baby boy!! What’s more, he is almost here! And we are so excited as a family!!

These days I’m VERY pregnant (37 weeks +4 days)!! And so far it was a great pregnancy!

I’m such a lucky lady that I have wonderful friends who threw 2 baby showers for me, which makes me super happy! Today I will share one of the parties’ photos. The other shower’s pictures will be coming in another post, so stay tuned!

My “Ready To Pop” themed shower was organized by my dear friends Elmas and Aysel, and hosted by Elmas. Even though the mama-to-be doesn’t traditionally do a lot of baby shower prep, I really wanted to have my hand in the shower planning, too – just for fun! But still most of the work was done by them.

Almost the entire party decoration was DIY. Who doesn’t love a Pinterest worthy DIY baby shower decor? I do! :)


Elmas designed and made this lovely wreath from scratch. The only thing she asked me was to take the “ready to pop” picture , which turned out to be so fun & cute! What do you think? :) She hang the wreath to front door, and it made such a great welcoming decoration that made the guests smile as they ring the door bell!


Our popcorn cupcakes were a lot of fun to make. We found the wrapper templates online and personalized them on Photoshop. And the marshmallow toppings were “oh-so-yummy”!!


This display frame was also designed and prepared by Elmas. The party guests wrote some wishes for me and my baby under each circle (balloon). So it made the cutest keepsake.



My cute diaper cake! A must-have for a baby shower!! :)


Our delicious snacks.


Yes! All the eating and serving utensils were personalized, too! :)


And our Turkish traditional foods made by Elmas and Aysel. We had chicken and pepper salad, lentil meatballs, bulgur salad (kısır), spinach borek, shepherd’ s salad as well as guacamole. Everything was just perfect and delicious!!



Instead of traditional baby shower games, we did something different! Well, actually we had 2 different activities!

Our first activity was to decorate candles with glitter! Crafting was such a fun way to spend the time together. Each person had their own creative way to decorate. We used mod podge to glue and seal the glitter.




And our second activity was to design beaded bracelets. Each person made an incredible jewelry full of color and inspiration!



My baby shower party turned out to be absolutely perfect! The theme, food, decorations, gifts and everything else was just adorable and it couldn’t have gone better.  It was an incredible afternoon full of love and friendship.

I’d like to thank one more time to my dear friends Elmas and Aysel for making this happen and to all the guests who celebrated with me and brought lovely gifts for my baby. It really means a lot!

My baby is a lucky little boy to come into the world with so many women who love him and support his mommy.


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