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In my previous personal post, I said that I would share some more summertime photos I took of my children. Most of the photos that I’d like to share today are their everyday photos I took in our backyard after 4PM. I usually take backyard photos after 4PM in summer because our backyard is covered with shade around that time. I like walking around them with my camera as they’re busy doing their things. Every few minutes, I ask them a question or two to grab their attention and make them ‘look’ at the camera. Sometimes they find my question or talking funny and I get a smile. Some other times, they just ignore me and keep doing their stuff :)

It’s usually the most simple things that I like documenting: Their way of sharing watermelon, getting messy, having fun…

I think I took way too many photos this summer. So, I might end up sharing a few more before the summer ends.

I’d like to encourage all moms out there to take more daily photos of their kids. Especially summer is a great time to take your DSLR (or even point and shoot camera) out and document how your kids spend their time. Things are not always super nice and clean with the kids around. So, it’s easy to feel discouraged, but I promise you can do it with just a little bit of effort. Find a spacious corner of your house with good lighting and keep them busy as you shoot.

You won’t regret!



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