Since my son was born (in January), I’m so busy. I’m busy nursing, changing diaper, carrying my son all the time, doing more laundry, and changing diaper again, etc. And recently preparing baby food, cleaning up the house more often (because now he is mobile)!! Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to spend with my daughter. She is going to preschool so she is not home most of the day, and when she is home I still (and always) have many things in my to-do lists. It’s breaking my heart how it is difficult trying to keep up with everything as a mom of two. Even though I have a very helpful husband, sometimes surviving with two young kids is hard for both of us.

Last weekend I had a few hours to spend some quality time with my daughter. We went to a park. Very simple, right? And we had FUN!! It was such a quiet day at the park. We chased each other, played with sand, and attempted to climb a tree. When she was at the swing, we talked about Jack and the Beanstalk..


As parents sometimes we forget to leave everything else and be present in the moment. She might not have that much of excitement about people living up in the clouds (!) in a couple of years. Or she is not gonna fit in that baby swing soon. As I look at her pictures, I keep thinking about her getting so big, but being so small at the same time. I always make promises about enjoying ‘the moment’ more often.

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Hi! I'm Ipek! I’m so glad you’re here! Whether you’re embarking on motherhood for the first time or simply wanting updated photos of your growing family – these are moments that you will forever have to cherish and share with the ones you love, and I’m beyond grateful that you would consider me capturing them. Be sure to take a look around and let me know if you have any questions.

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