Today I turned thirty… Otuz (in Turkish)… It seems such a big number to me. When I was a teenager, thirty year old people always looked too old to me – like middle aged people. And now I’m in that age.

I have been thinking about that number since last night. Of course you don’t get mature overnight, but today I feel more like a thirty year old woman than yesterday. When you focus on the numbers, I think you get used to and start internalizing. I realized that I now have different tastes and interests in life compared to ten years ago. These days I get inspired my nature, stories of people, healthy lifestyle and cultures. And I can tell better if someone is faking or pretending. Visual appearance is not the only criteria to judge people any more. I feel like I have different motives and different values.

As a mom and a wife, I know life will be fun in a different way in my thirties. And I can’t wait to LIVE it!


For this big milestone, my sweet husband got me this cute mug (and by the way he said he has a bigger gift too on the way, I really wonder what that is:))

Today I keep looking at my new mug and smiling :)

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