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I am always asked what to wear in photo sessions. Especially if it’s a family session, it might look hard to pick the color scheme and style at first, but believe me it’s not that hard. Here are some tips:

1. Start with picking an outfit for yourself. The outfit needs to be comfortable and reflect your style. Something you really like and feel good in. If you like the elegance of the high heels but don’t actually feel comfortable in them (and not really wear them in your normal daily life) try something flat but as elegant. Because if  you are not comfortable in your outfit, it will show. And I really believe that your photos should reflect who you really are.

2. Based on the colors and style of your own outfit, pick everyone else’s clothes. But do not match the colors. Instead, pull less dominant colors from your outfit and go from there for the rest of the family. Pick two to three colors to coordinate. Coordinating the colors instead of matching them promise a much better look.  IMG_3025 copyIMG_9026 copyIMG_9084 copyUntitled-8

3. Accessorize and use layers to add interest. Scarves, hats, jewelry, vests, cardigans, leggings, etc. are great ways to add some texture to your look. For example if you decide to go with neutral colors, and use some accessories with bright colors, it will look awesome! Accessories can also be changed easily during the session to have multiple looks. So, feel free to pick more than one things and bring them with you on your session day. IMG_0039 copyIMG_0086 copyIMG_0191 copyIMG_0319 copyIMG_0345 copyIMG_0354 copyIMG_0420 copyIMG_8413 web

4. Shoes are important! They can really make a big difference to complete the overall look of the family. If you can, try using a bold colored shoe in one (or more) of the family member’s outfit. Especially colorful shoes, boots or sandals of the kids do really pop and look really cute. If you want to go bare feet, that might be a good option too if it is matching with your personality and style.

IMG_8792 copyIMG_6097

5. Try to have a timeless look. Dressing up all last trend is fun but don’t forget that those photos will stay as years to come. It is a preference of course but plain and  neutral will never go out of date. You will want to feel good about yourself whenever you look at your photos in the future.

6. Let’s mention a little bit about what NOT to wear, too! Stay away from the T-shirts with big logos and graphics.  They are simply too distracting. We want people to focus on yourself (instead of the brand of the outfit) when looking at the photos.

7. You can get more ideas by looking through my photo galleries and/or Pinterest What to Wear Boards. Especially go check out the Fall Session What to Wear Board for your session in upcoming season.


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